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Founded by globally connected soccer enthusiasts, this professional soccer league’s first and primary goal is to be a catapult for future soccer stars.
Clubs will compete and promote themselves on the highest professional level of soccer.
This league will give players a chance to finally find their place among the stars and to continue the soccer career path they have always dreamed of.

With connections to leagues all over the world this is the perfect league for clubs to join and help launch their best players forward in their career.
Proleague is in partnership with several pro clubs and leagues internationally. Therefore, it is the platform to showcase your skills and talents, in a league who holds international league connections, scouts, and future career opportunities. Clubs should come and show their best players as this league gives them the chance to explore their full potential on a worldwide canvas.

Proleague runs a full year offering both winter and summer launch dates.
This years’ Winter season will launch November 03th, 2018.
The summer season will launch in July.
The winners of each season will be awarded with prizes and medals. The league will select the best and most talented soccer professionals. Prizes and medals will be awarded for best player(s), fair player, best goal keeper, and many more. These players will also be provided the opportunity to be watched by international scouts and to be sent to trials all over Europe. This provides players with numerous opportunities to help build and further their soccer careers.

The winning teams will be given a chance to compete with other professional teams around the world.
The best players of the league will be selected to go on tournaments in Europe to compete with other Professional teams.
This league will give professional soccer to the communities providing them the chance to watch a higher level of soccer year around. The league invites fans to come and support their clubs in spirit of fair play and good quality soccer on a high level.




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