BRAMPTON TIGERS SC jumped on top of the Proleague winter Division with 7-0 trouncing of Toronto Kings Sc. FC BRAMPTON TIGERS SC, a team in search of goals to capture the Proleague Winter season title in their final game of the regular season, exceeded expectations with a 7-1 victory over Toronto Kings Saturday night.and Following early first half goals by both teams, Brampton Tigers  dominated throughout. Forward Andress Jarmillo found the net three times, midfielders West and  Charneev each scored twice, The hat-trick lifted Jarimillo’ totally to 10  for the season. Toronto Elite Sc defeated Hamilton Eagles 1-0 in the second match of Proleague Saturday night. With a 7-1 result, Brampton Tigers ended the regular season with a 3-1-1WLT record for 10 points, scoring 17 goals and conceding 8 for a goal differential of 9, while Toronto Elite ended its season also with a 3-1-1 record for 10 points, scoring 11 goals and conceding 6 for a goal differential of 5

“The team has been outstanding all season and deserve this success,” said team best player Andress Jarimillo  while celebrating the Proleague  title victory following Saturdays’s  match. “Now we will concentrate on the playoffs and doing our very best to win the Proleague Winter championship.”

Scarborough Lions defeated North York Sheriff 1-0 by goal of Ristovski in 29th minute of the match.